My name is Skylar Ittner, and this is my story.

Carroll College has expelled me because they don't like my expression of Catholic teaching on homosexual relations. They are "justifying" taking action against me by telling me that I'm not actually Catholic, and by making me out to be a violent person.

The only thing I did was hang up a few posters on a public notice board paraphrasing and quoting religious teachings. While I will be the first to admit I should have asked permission to post before doing so, the college's response is disproportionate and an unjust abuse of power.

On January 30th, 2017, college administrators confronted me and demanded I stop hanging up the posters. They gave me an official letter saying as much. During the confrontation, an administrator took posters out of my hand and only gave them back when I told her they were my property. They then tore down other posters I had hung up minutes before they had arrived. Soon after, another administrator showed up on scene, and called the police after stating "we will be done with this and you will never return." I decided I had had enough and left the campus at around the time the police arrived.

Several days later, I was detained by administrators and city police, who had been waiting outside my classroom for me to arrive. The administrator served me with a "temporary" suspension and formal charges. The police attempted to escort me off campus. I declined the escort and left the campus on my own.

After many meetings and investigations, I was eventually expelled. During the process, the college broke many of its own policies, violated my religious freedom, and showed a blatant disregard for the teachings of the Catholic Church.

None of the posters I hung up were "homophobic", "hate speech", or "discrimination" in any way. The posters simply expressed the teachings of the Catholic Church, which the college promised to uphold in the Mission Statement.

Carroll College bent to the will of several faculty members and a couple of students (all involved with the college's gay-straight alliance group) instead of upholding the Church's teachings. In fact, the college outright attacked my beliefs, and made several flawed arguments with the goal of painting me as a non-Catholic.

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