I have been expelled, let the litigation begin!

Carroll College has officially expelled me. After changing the charges without proper notification twice, and having a kangaroo-court session where I was not allowed to talk about any mistakes the college made (only my mistakes count apparently), I got a letter with the results, which you can read by clicking here. More to follow soon.

Update: Results of an "informal meeting"

I met with Emily Weideman and Cathy Day on Thursday. They gave me what can only be described as a plea deal or ultimatum. Unless I want a formal hearing, I must agree with a statement that I assaulted, discriminated, and did various other crimes; I must not be on campus for the rest of the school year; and I have three options. Option one is [...] Read more

Update: They have now added more charges.

It seems the college has realized that they have no real case concerning the posters. They are now focusing on what happened when they confronted me about them. This past Monday I received the following email: Dear Skylar, Per the Carroll Code of Student Conduct, as laid out in the Student Handbook on page 8, Article VI, Section A(1), I am [...] Read more

Another suspension appeal!

To Annette Walstad, This is my second written appeal to my temporary suspension. I am still confused about this process; Emily Weideman clearly denied my appeal to the temporary suspension in an email sent Friday, February 3rd. However, I am writing to you as directed in our phone call on the afternoon of February 8th. I am addressing the issues [...] Read more

We're on national talk radio!

Update: The podcast is live! Click here for the audio, or click here for the show page. Skip to 20 minutes 15 seconds. A concerned listener called in at the 47:40 mark to talk about the issue further. An anonymous KCC agent called in to a national talk radio program and discussed this issue. The show is Go Ask Your Father on Relevant Radio. There [...] Read more

Open Letter to Carroll Faculty and Staff #2

Hello again! I am writing you one more time, as the college has taken further illegal action against me. In retaliation for my earlier email, administration has locked me out of my email, Moodle, and all other online services. Because of this egregious violation of my rights on the part of the college, I am no longer able to take part in my [...] Read more

My Carroll account has been disabled

As of a few minutes ago, I am unable to log in to my email, online coursework, or even the password reset system. I am completely blocked from accessing any Carroll services, even though they are necessary for me to complete schoolwork while suspended. This action taken by the college is a direct retaliation for the open letter, which I sent to [...] Read more

Open Letter to Carroll Faculty and Staff

Hello. You may or may not know me. I am a Carroll senior. The college administration has decided to discriminate against me on religious grounds. I have been suspended and trespassed from campus, and my appeal of the suspension has been rejected. In short, I hung up posters stating Catholic teaching surrounding homosexual relations. Several people [...] Read more

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