Open Letter to Carroll Faculty and Staff


You may or may not know me.  I am a Carroll senior.  The college administration has decided to discriminate against me on religious grounds.  I have been suspended and trespassed from campus, and my appeal of the suspension has been rejected.

In short, I hung up posters stating Catholic teaching surrounding homosexual relations.  Several people were "offended".  Despite having regulations designed to protect persons in my situation, the college is pursuing two separate parallel investigations of the issue.  They are treating it as harassment, discrimination, and a hate crime, quoting the same rules they are violating by the act of suspending me.

Because I have been threatened with criminal charges for going to classes, I have setup a website for the issue.  Please visit for information and updates on the issue.  I am filing complaints against the college and looking into legal action.

I encourage you to share this email and the website with students and peers.  It has many consequences for freedom of speech and freedom of religion for the Carroll community.  If critiquing someone's actions is hateful and offensive, then nobody can be sure they will not be singled out for persecution.

Because I am prohibited from "all contact with Carroll College, including in person, by phone, in writing, through electronic methods, through a third party, or in any other way", I am writing this email to you as a person who should be aware of the issue, not as a member of the Carroll staff and/or faculty.

Thank you,
Skylar Ittner

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