They rejected my suspension appeal!

As discussed in our meeting, the temporary suspension is totally unfounded and invalid. It is causing me to lose money and education, and is in direct violation of Carroll's non-discrimination policy. I require it to be lifted as soon as physically possible, or I will be suing the college for a lot of money. I do not pose any kind of threat to anyone on campus, and will not cause any kind of disruption to the community.
Dear Skylar,
Our meeting Thursday morning was an important part of the process of gathering and reviewing information about this case. Additional time is needed before a decision is made which will take us into next week. As a reminder, your temporary suspension as laid out in the letter delivered to you on February 1, 2017, remains in effect until this process is complete. Please ensure that you are in compliance with the temporary suspension order by not attending classes or being present on Carroll College property at any time.

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