Update: Results of an "informal meeting"

I met with Emily Weideman and Cathy Day on Thursday.  They gave me what can only be described as a plea deal or ultimatum.  Unless I want a formal hearing, I must agree with a statement that I assaulted, discriminated, and did various other crimes; I must not be on campus for the rest of the school year; and I have three options.  Option one is finishing the one class they decided to let me continue, dropping the remainder of my classes, finding transfer credits, not going to graduation, and not ever posting any written or electronic message connecting me with the college (including removing this website).  Option two is the same as option one, except I will drop all classes, receive a 50% tuition refund for the semester, and transfer in all remaining credits.  Option three is a complete expulsion and a lifetime ban from setting foot on college property, even for community events.

Click here [PDF] for a copy of the documents I was given.

I recorded the entire meeting in compliance with college rules and state and federal law. You can listen to it below.

The video that was talked about (and they refused to watch) can be found by clicking here.

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